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Executive Summary

Open source Billing and Customer Support software is a suite of applications that will fulfill all basic requirements of back office Billing and Customer Care of any Wireless or Wireline Service Providers. 

This project is about converting our existing Enterprise System to an Open Source, Web2.0 enabled and NGOSS compliant suite of applications that would facilitate the Cellular and Landline Service Providers and Integrated Telecom Service Providers.

The scope of this project includes conversion of an Enterprise Billing and Customer Care solution which has been designed and developed by our team in Systems Research into an Open Source Web 2.0 enabled and NGOSS compliant applications suite. 

The development process of this project is planned in a way that can help new developers gain experience in the back office applications of a Telco Service Provider. We intend to develop a new generation of engineers / analysts who have a basic CS or a Telecom Engineering degree into professionals who will be sought after by the Telecom Service Providers.

Tools and Technologies used

Database: PostgreSQL
Application Server: JBoss
Development tools: Eclipse, Sun Java
Development environment: Ubuntu
Server OS: Fedora 

Proposed Architecture

               Systems Research
                  Private Limited