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Genie Mediator

Genie Mediator enables seamless transformation of data between various technologies at switching center level to Genie standards. It provides a consistent view of data to other Genie applications.
Key Features of Genie Mediator:
  • Truly convergent mediation with multi-network, multi-service and multi-vendor support
  • Automated CDR sensor capability over multiple LAN, FTP & X.25 nodes allows real-time mediation
  • Validation and interpretation of events and reformatting to Genie CDR standards
  • Splitted output files on basis of successful, missed, ignored and erroneous events
  • Automated archiving or Raw CDR files and Genie CDR files
  • Support for various CDRs formats e.g. Ericsson DRX, Ericsson AXE, Nortel DMS-100, Nortel IN, Siemens EWSD, Huawei OVS003B, ZTE ZX-J10
  • Quick customization according to other CDR specifications based on ASCII or Binary containing data in fixed width length or delimited text
  • Genie Accumulator as an extension enables offline CDR collection over a serial or a parallel port
  • High reliability helps avoiding revenue leakage
  • High scalability enables exponential increment in the capacity and speed of mediation

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