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Genie Rater

Genie Rater is among the most robust and highly flexible rating engines available in the marketplace today.
Key Features of Genie Rater:
  • High-speed Rating of voice and data events for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers
  • Support for next generation services like Voice Mail, GeoZone, GPRS, VPN
  • No limitations for the number of subscribers
  • Ability to customize unlimited products and services with multiple billing cycles
  • Ability to design innovative tariff plans having partner-based “charge styles”
  • Ability to define custom “charge styles” for special numbers with wild card support
  • Multi-attribute components allow event-based, duration-based, or data volume-based charging
  • Unlimited and customizable charging components based on time, distances, geographical locations, network location (home, roaming or current)
  • Ability to define minimum threshold level and customizable treatment of rounding of units for charging of each component
  • Ability to perform five-level split-unit charging for charging of each component
  • Advanced wizards for error log fixing, re-rating and de-rated events
  • Support for charging component based discounts for holidays or promotional plans
  • Support for customizable taxation rules and tax classes for diverse subscribers

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