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Systems Research - A Profile

Systems Research (SR) is a company committed to organizational development through information systems automation and human systems development. SR was founded in 1986 by a group of eminent IT Professionals with a long-standing International IT Business experience.

We achieved our goals by taking bold steps one at a time and by persistently working hard to turn them into reality. At SR, we believe in using technology to the best advantage of our clients. That's just one of the reasons why we've become one of the leading software exporters and IT companies in Pakistan. SR was Pakistan's first company to start software services export industry in the early 1990ís and the largest software exporter in 1997 with world-class professionals in Pakistan and in the United States. SR has a track record of long standing experience in International Information Technology Business and strong business relationships in Public and Private sectors in Pakistan.

Our software development team consists of a highly qualified, competitive and motivated group with expertise in systems analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance and quality assurance. Over the years, we have mastered the art of offshore software development, enabling us to provide high quality products, services and solutions at competitive rates.

Systems Research specializes in Billing, CRM and OSS functions of Telecom Operators (both wireless and wireline). SRís Billing, CRM and OSS Products empower the Telcos by providing them full control on their Customer Care, Billing and OSS functionalities.

SR provides end-to-end business solutions to Telecom Operators that enables them to create and maintain profitable long-term relationships with their customers. Our innovative products manage each phase of your customerís life cycle from marketing to prospects through order management, rating, invoicing and reporting. The SR solution is customer centric, fully convergent, internet enabled, scalable and designed for high performance and reliability.

Our software is modular and easily customizable because we know that not all providers face the same challenges. Any combination of our products can be created to build a customized solution. Our teamís creativity and attention to detail have driven the development of the Product Suite that is functionally adaptable and technologically superior. The combined and diverse experience of our professionals gives SR the necessary insight into current markets and the vision to understand future trends.

The key features of our Billing, CRM and OSS Suite supports a large number of subscribers and multiple partner operators. It is platform independent and is highly scalable through distributed architecture. Our mediation and rating engine is robust with high performance enabled by the 3-tier application architecture. Apart from this the system provides a truly convergent and vendor independent mediation, hot billing, support for next generation of services like GPRS, VPN, GeoZone, MMS, ESCC and impermeable security.

SR takes customer service very seriously and has great pride in providing you with the very best customer service and support. It is our goal to make your product ownership experience highly profitable and the start of a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. SR continues to offer premier customer service and support through a variety of methods to meet your needs. These include Web support through the Knowledge Depository, Call Centre Support and E-mail Support. Most of these support options are available to all customers round-the-clock i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The motivation behind the development was to provide the vendors with Maximum ROI, Revenue assurance, minimal cost per bill run, better risk management, opening up opportunities for new revenue streams, reduction of process cost, reduction of churn cost, customer retention, enhanced revenue assurance capabilities, rapid time to market and introduction of new services and at the end empowerment of the service providers.

Systems Research is also a prominent name in the GSM Consultancy arena. We are officially appointed GSM Consultants for a number of GSM Operators in the private and public sectors in Pakistan. We are helping these operators from inception to complete commissioning of the project as well as expansion. Our consulting covers the full suite of NSS, BSS, IT, Planning Tools and Infrastructure.

The SR mission is to become the global market leader in providing flexible, high quality and cost effective Billing, CRM and OSS solutions for competitive service providers. SR brings together world-class resources, software, and expertise to help create valuable relationships between our clients and their customers.


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